Loose Teas

Loose Teas
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Plainwell Flowers has a wonderful array of exquisite loose-leaf teas. Aromatic and extremely fresh, a diffuser full of our teas are good for multiple uses. Our current flavors are:

Island City Blend - a rich, sweet blend of teas with a hint of chocolate and raspberry

Sunset in Plainwell - a refreshing tea with a hint of mint

Chai African Redbush - a cozy spiced tea with naturally sweet undertones

Chamomile - the perfect mug to melt away stress

Irish Coffee - a smooth, rich tea that's a great sub for that cup of Joe

Mango Berry - a fruity vacation in a mug (also great served cold)

Strawberry Vanilla - like summer transitioning to fall, this tea is refreshing and cozy at the same time

Honey Flower Herbal Tea - a soul-warming tea that reminds us to the teas of olde

Coconut - a rich tea with a hint of sweetness

Hazelnut Crème - This cozy blend is great with a with a splash of coffee or caramel

Wild Cherry - a tea with a fruitiness that's not overpowering