Loose Teas

Loose Teas
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Plainwell Flowers has a wonderful array of exquisite loose-leaf teas. Aromatic and extremely fresh, a diffuser full of our teas are good for multiple uses. Each $10 order includes four ounces of tea (that enough for at least 50 mugs of tea).

Flavors in BOLD are in short supply so order soon!

Our current flavors include:

| Breathe Deep - A soothing combination of Eucalyptus flavor, Mint, Licorice Root and Honeybush. Often used for sore throats and nasal congestion.

| Chai African Redbush - A cozy spiced tea with naturally sweet undertones.

| Chamomile - The perfect mug to melt away stress.

| Coffee & Creme - A great coffee substitute for those of you who can no longer drink coffee or caffeine! Pure Rooibos, chicory, and creamy flavorings make this tea perfect for cold fall/winter days.

| Coconut - Healthy and delicious, this blend of Rooibos (or RedBush) tea and Coconut Creme flavoring makes a wonderful pick-me-up" any time of day. Serve hot or iced. Contains no caffeine and is rich in antioxidants.

| Creamy Earl Grey - Standard Earl Grey gets a hint of vanilla, which delivers a bit of sweetness in each cup. An excellent alternative to that morning latte!

| Hazelnut Crème - The combination of hazelnut and chamomile is a soothing, sweet blend perfect anytime of the day (but we love it before bed with a good book).

| Honey Flower Herbal Tea - Made with South African Honeybush, chamomile, and lavender. A wonderful evening or nighttime tea, pleasantly floral and slightly sweet. Contains no caffeine.

| Irish Coffee - Satisfy your coffee addiction, even at night, with this caffeine-free coffee flavored tea.

| Island City Blend - This Chinese Hunan black tea combines the flavorings of Chocolate, Mint and Raspberry. A tea that truly satisfies your sweet tooth!

| Mango Berry - Delicious hot or iced, this tea contains Chinese Hunan black tea, Mango, Strawberry and Raspberry flavorings along with Orange pieces and Hibiscus flowers.

| Midwest Breakfast Blend - Because the Midwest deserves a wake-up tea all its own. A smooth combination of Ceylon and Darjeeling teas.

| Orange Spice - This is a unique spicy, naturally sweet black tea. We recommend storing yours in the refrigerator to keep the flavorings fresh and moist.

| Strawberry Vanilla - Like summer transitioning to fall, this black tea is refreshing with the subtle taste of strawberry.

| Sunset in Plainwell - A refreshing tea with a hint of mint.

| White Peach Coconut - A blend of White Peony tea, Marigold, and Peach and Coconut Creme flavoring. Sweet and creamy, this tea is low in caffeine. High in anti-oxidants.

| Wild Cherry - A blend of Chinese Hunan black tea and Wild Cherry flavoring.