October Blooms Feature

October Blooms Feature

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Our October feature arrangement boasts bold color with sunflowers, mums, and greenery. This long-lasting basket celebrates the sunflower. 

The sunflower is a magnificent flower. According to Greek mythology, the God of Sun (Apollo) was the subject of admiration of a water nymph. She was so in love with Apollo that she never stopped staring at the sun. Sadly, Apollo did not notice the water nymph and the other gods took pity on her so they turned her into a sunflower.

The legend continues that this is the reason sunflowers always follow the path of the sun - because the water nymph, even when turned as a flower, still follows the person she loves.

It’s said that planting sunflowers in your garden brings good luck. Perhaps having them in your home each autumn will start the cool-weather season with good fortune